What Should You Capture: Messages

Images of messages, including text messages or messages sent via other platforms, should include:

Enough of the content to show context.

Time and Date the message was sent. 

  • Some message apps may not automatically show the time and date stamps. Try tapping on the message or swiping left or right on the screen to have these details appear. If you’re not sure how to make that visible, search online for “show date and time stamp for [your messaging app name or phone type]”

Information on who sent the message, including both the name and phone number. 

  • The name that appears with the message may be whatever name you have used to enter the person into your contacts. Your documentation/evidence will be stronger if this is clear and you’re also able to see the number associated with the name. You can also go into your contacts and capture a screenshot of the name and phone number of the person who sent you the message.