What Do I Do If My Device Has Been Compromised?

Your safety comes first! We want you to be safe while using this app. If you suspect that your device has been compromised, do what is safest for you in the situation. This may mean deleting the app and potentially all of its contents from your device. If you feel it is safe to move or copy the evidence you’ve collected to another device or print it out for future use prior to deleting your account, please consider doing so. However, never put your own safety at risk in order to maintain the evidence. If you are in immediate danger call 911.

If you believe that someone accessed the device and the content, but is not monitoring it remotely (they had physical access, there wasn’t a passcode on the device, they guessed it, or they coerced you into providing access), when it’s safe to do so, create new passcodes or passwords for your device(s) and your online accounts to increase your privacy.

If you believe the person may be monitoring your device remotely using spyware or stalkerware, you may need to either talk to law enforcement if you want proof of that happening, or do a factory reset on the device itself to get the software off the device. To learn more about possible ways someone might spy on or monitor your device, visit our content on Spyware/Stalkerware. For more general information on technology abuse and safety, visit the Survivor Safety & Privacy Toolkit.