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DocuSAFE requires connect through your cloud account so that your content is always backed up. If your phone is lost or destroyed, you can always recover your data. Many survivors report that abusive people steal or destroy phones so this back-up can be important. All content saved in this app is ALWAYS encrypted before it is synced with your cloud account so even if someone can access the cloud data, without your cloud credentials and DocuSAFE PIN, they cannot decrypt or view it. Your data can only be decrypted using this app or if you intentionally choose to share some of the data from within the app. If you share data, a unique link and code will be needed to unlock and view it. Although someone cannot see the content you have entered into the app, if they have access to your device or cloud account, they will be able to see that you have the app installed and are using it. Trust your instincts on whether this is a safe option for you.


Account Security

  • Two-factory security (with PIN)
  • Connected with biometric login

Secure Backups

  • Data is always encrypted
  • Zero-knowledge so Apple does not have access to decrypted data (They cannot read the content you put into the app.)
  • Only the DocuSAFE app with a custom security algorithm can decrypt your data using your credentials and your PIN. (You remain in control of your data.)

For more information on our security process and encryption methodology, contact