Sign In with Google

You may have noticed we include “Sign in with Google”. We are using this so that your account can be securely accessed without needing to remember another complicated password - just a simple PIN number in addition to your regular Google login. We also use your related Google Drive account to back up your data so even if your phone gets lost or destroyed, you can always recover your data. Note that we ALWAYS encrypt your data before it is synced with Google Drive so even if someone could access your Google Drive data, without your credentials and PIN number, they cannot decrypt or view it. Your data can only be decrypted using this app, or if you intentionally choose to share some of the data from within the app, a unique link and code will be needed to unlock it.


Secure but easy.

  • Everyone already has an account

  • Not another password!
  • Two-factor security (with PIN)
  • Connected with biometric login

Backup seamlessly and securely.

  • Not reliant on a server

  • Synchronized data is always encrypted
  • Zero-knowledge so Google does not have access to decrypted data
  • Only the DocuSAFE app with a custom security algorithm can decrypt your data using your credentials and your PIN

For more information on our security process and encryption methodology, contact