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Talk to Someone Now

Talk to Someone NowWhat you are going through can be difficult. Please know that you are not alone and there are resources and support in your community that can assist. If you need emergency services, such as law enforcement or medical personnel, please Contact 911.

Types of Abuse

Types of AbuseThe following are some examples of common types of abusive behavior, many of which often involve technology misuse. Most of these are often considered crimes, but will depend on your state laws. Some of these may also have federal laws that could apply.

What Do I Do If My Device Has Been Compromised?

What do I do if My Device has been Compromised?Your safety comes first! We want you to be safe while using this app. If you suspect that your device has been compromised, meaning the abusive person has physical or remote acces to it and can…

Documenting Abuse

Documenting AbuseDocumenting abuse can help you recognize patterns of behavior, identify escalating behavior, and provide evidence to law enforcement or the court if legal assistance is sought. Below are tips to help ensure the documentation you keep can be as useful as possible, especially if…

Securing Your Device

Securing Your DeviceSecuring your device helps to prevent your documentation and evidence from being tampered with, stolen, or deleted and also minimizes the risk of anyone seeing your personal information. It’s best to secure your device as soon as possible and before starting to document…