Privacy & Safety

If you are in immediate danger, please Call 911 if you feel it is safe to do so.

To talk with someone about what you’re experiencing and to find local resources, see the list of hotline numbers at Talk to Someone Now. You deserve to feel safe so please know that no abuse is ok.

  • Safety Alert: An abusive person can use spyware to secretly monitor what you do on your device. If you are concerned that someone is monitoring your device, read What To Do If Your Device Has Been Compromised.
  • If you want to delete this app, tap the More icon in the bottom navigation. Under Account tap Delete. You will be prompted to confirm. Note: Even if you delete this or any other app from your device, the history of the download will still exist on the device, your App Store/Google Play store account, and possibly within any backups or synced records.
  • This app will automatically log you out if it is idle or your phone is in sleep mode. Note: other apps may keep you logged in by default and require you to manually log out. For increased privacy, log out of accounts with sensitive information when not in use.
  • The passcode on the app helps prevent others from seeing your documentation in the event that someone gets your device. Securing the device itself is an additional step to increase your privacy and safety. Read these tips for Securing Your Device for more information.
  • Learn more about how to safely Share Your Documentation with trusted contacts.

Technology can be misused as a tactic of abuse, but can also be strategically used to increase our privacy and safety. Learn more below.

Note: Clicking on links will open your browser and pages you visit may then be visible in your web history on your device. If this is a safety concern, you can visit on a safer device to access this content.